Anatomy & Physiology
Quarter 3 2019

  Date Topic of Study Reading Assignments Tutorial Links
Week 1 1/7/2019 Welcome Back to A&P Mr. Skeleton
1/8/2019 Chapter 7 -The Skeleton   Skeleton cut out assemble and label
activity.  Use Bone list and find 20 more! Place in A&P Binder
1/9/2019 Chapter 7 -The Skeleton Chapter 7
Master Bone List
Skeleton Identification

The Skeletal System ID handout p. 64-76
1/10/2019 Chapter 7 -The Skeleton  

Group Study

Bone Stations

Skeleton Identification Assignment handed out by teacher. 
The Skull (203-216)
1/11/2019 Chapter 7 -The Skeleton  
Skeleton Identification Day 1

The Axial Skeleton ID Handout p. 77-84

Skeleton Identification Lab

Identify bones using disarticulated skeleton

8 stations


Online Skull Activities

Axial Skeleton Labeling Quiz

Anatomy of the anterior aspect of the skull (Figure 7.4a)

Bones of the lateral aspect of the skull, external view (Figure 7.5a)

Bones of the lateral aspect of the skull, internal view (Figure 7.5b)

Inferior aspect of the skull, mandible removed (Figure 7.6a)

The floor of the cranial cavity (Figure 7.7a)

Bones of the nasal cavity (Figure 7.14a)

Bones of the nasal cavity (Figure 7.14b)
Week 2 1/14/2019 MLK Day -
1/15 Chapter 7 -The Skeleton  
Skeleton Identification Day 2

The Appendicular Skeleton ID Handout
p. 85

Group Study

Bone Station

The pectoral girdle and clavicle (Figure 7.24)
The scapula (Figure 7.25a-b)
The humerus of the right arm (Figure 7.26a-b)
Radius and ulna of the right forearm (Figure 7.27a-b)
Bones of the left hand (Figure 7.28)
Articulated pelvis (Figure 7.29)
Bones of the bony pelvis (Figure 7.30a)
Bones of the bony pelvis (Figure 7.30b)
Bones of the right thigh (Figure 7.31b)
The tibia and fibula of the right leg (Figure 7.32a-b)
Bones of the right foot, superior view (Figure 7.33a)
Bones of the right foot, medial and lateral views (Figure 7.33b-c)
1/16 Chapter 7 -The Skeleton

Skeleton Identification Day 3

major skull sutures quiz

1/17 Chapter 7 -The Skeleton

Skeleton Identification Day 4


Group Study

Bone Stations

1/18     Skeleton Identification Day 5  
Week 3 1/21/2019     Skeleton Identification Day 6  
1/22   Ch. 8 Lecture skeleton

Skeleton Identification Day 7
Types of Joints
Chapter 8 online
1/23 Joints of the Skeleton Chapter 8 Skeleton Identification Day 8

Complete assignments online
memory game
types of joints
1/24 Joints of the Skeleton Chapters 8,9,10 Multiple Choice

Quiz I (8-a)
Quiz II (8-b)

Case Study: articulations
Muscles that cross the knee joint
Movement of the knee joint
1/25   Bone Practical - 50 questions
No Make-up Test!
Week 4 1/28/2019    
Ch. 8 test (8-c)  study tool

1/30 Chapter 10   Chapter 10 Muscle Handout #6  
1/31/2019     Complete Unit test on Skeleton

Handout Mini Muscle Man
2/1/2019 Chapter 9 Over view Ch 9 pages 280-281 Lecture - muscle types

Study muscle locations, know origins and insertions.

Create flash cards to assist in learning muscle types.
Follow link to Muscle Anatomy for flash cards

How Muscles are Named

Art Labeling- Muscle Systems in the Human Body
Week 5 2/4/2019 Ch. 9 Skeletal Muscle Ch 9 pages


Watch Skeletal Muscle Review

Complete Quiz (9-a) 

 Teacher will provide answer sheet.

Muscle placement Activity.

Skeletal Muscle Tissue Review(9-a)
2/5 Ch. 9 Skeletal Muscle  
Muscle placement Activity
2/6 Ch. 9 Skeletal Muscle CH 9 - 289 -309 Lecture

Muscle placement Activity
2/7 Ch 9. Muscles Ch 9 310 - 315 Muscle placement Activity

2/8 Ch 9 Skeletal Muscles      
Week 6 2/11/2019 Lincolns Birthday     No School
2/12 Ch 9 Skeletal Muscles Read Ch 10 pages 325-330 Complete Activities 1 & 2 muscle activity lab online

Muscle Physiology Lab (9-b)

Ch 9 Skeletal Muscles   Continue working on Muscle Physiology Lab.
Muscle Physiology Lab
2/14 Ch 9 Skeletal Muscles Read Ch 10 pgs. 330- 349 Lecture

Muscle Physiology Lab


2/15 Ch 9 Skeletal Muscles  



Review Muscle Lab concepts by watching Muscular System: Contraction of Whole Muscle



Muscular System: Contraction of a Whole Muscle

Finish Muscle Physiology Lab


Week 7 2/18 President's Day     No School
2/19 Ch 9   Notebook  Check

Watch segment on Neuromuscular Junctions.

Take the Neuromuscular Junction Quiz
Notebook Check Form Sem 2 Q3-1

Neuromuscular Junctions

Take the Neuromuscular Junction Quiz. (9-c)

2/20 Ch 9   Lecture

Review Sliding Filament Theory then take the Sliding Filament Theory Quiz
Sliding Filament Theory

Take the Sliding Filament Theory Quiz (9-d)

2/21 Ch 9   Review all Art Labeling assignments.

Matching Quiz Ch. 9 (9-f)

Chapter Quiz I Ch. 9 (9-g)

Chapter Quiz II Ch. 9 (9-h)

2/22 Ch 6, 7, 8  

Chapters 6, 7, 8 combined Skeletal Exam.

Week 8 2/25/2019 Chapter 9 Chapter Quizzes Complete chapter quizzes

Multiple Choice Quiz 1 (10-b)

Multiple Choice Quiz 2 (10-c)

Ch. 10 Muscle Anatomy Practice Test







Week 9 3/4 Chapter 10 The Muscular System   Practical Muscle Identification Today 40 questions.(10-d)  
3/5     Chapter 10 Test Today( 10-e)  List of Muscles on your practical test.
3/6 Ch11 The Nervous System   Read each section and complete online activities.

Organization of the Nervous System

Histology of Nervous Tissue


Nervous I: Anatomy Review (Neurons)

Nervous I: Ion Channels

Memory game: Neural System

Nervous I: Membrane Potential

Nervous I: Action Potential

3/7 Ch11 The Nervous System   Online Lab:

Neurophysiology of Nerve Impulses (10-f)

Do NOT print entire lab instructions...I will provide the questions separately.
Write the answers on a sheet of paper.

Nervous II: Synaptic Potentials and Cellular Integration

Nervous II: Ion Channels

Nervous II: Synaptic Transmission

Neurophysiology of Nerve Impulses (LAB)

3/8 Ch11 The Nervous System   Continue working on Neurophysiology Lab  


3/11 Ch11 The Nervous System   Continue Neurophysiology Lab

Online Quizzes CH 11

Matching Quiz (11-b)

Multiple Choice Quiz 1 (11-c)

Multiple Choice Quiz 2 (11-d)

3/12 Ch12 The Nervous System (CNS)
Read CH 12 on the BRAIN


Chapter 12 Central Nervous System

Labeling: Functional and Structural Areas of the Cerebral Cortex

Labeling: Basal Nuclei

Labeling: Midsagittal Section of the Brain, Part 1

Labeling: Midsagittal Section of the Brain, Part 2


3/13 Quarter Checkup CH 12 Brain NOTEBOOKS DUE Last Chance to improve your grade
3/14 CH 12 Keep Reading CH 12 on the BRAIN     
3/15 Ch 12 Central Nervous system (CNS)