Anatomy and Physiology
Quarter 1, Fall 2018
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Week 1 8/06/2018
First Day of School
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    Lab Safety Rules

    Science Safety Test
    Kaiser Lab Safety Rules

    Baruch Biology Lab Safety Tutorial
    Week 2 8/7/2018
     Classroom Fundamentals 101


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    Class Syllabus

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    Chapter 1 - Overview of Anatomy and Physiology
    Online Reading  

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    Chapter 1 -The Language of Anatomy  

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    A&P Notebook rubric

    Lecture:  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology. 

    Body System Posters



    Topics of Anatomy

    Graphic Organizer Template





    Week 3 8/13/2018

    Body System Posters
    Anatomy & Physiology Text, Marieb 7e
    Chapter 1
    DNA today 8.17.15

    Homework: Read Chapter 1.

    Vocabulary Chart- (Link to Assignment) 

    Create an advertisement for the assigned body system.  Student work in small groups 2-4 to complete.  Requirement handed out in class to each team.
    Intro to the Human Body

    Body Functions & Life Process
    8/14/2018 Notebook Check 1

    The Human Torso

    Body System Posters

    Complete Chapter 1 Lecture

    Assign Body System Posters

    Human Torso Activity

    Review the following:

    Directional Terms

    Planes of the Body

    Body Cavities

    Dorsal/Ventral Body Cavities

    Memory Game: Major Cavities of the Body

    Notebook Preparation

    Use this list of prefixes and suffixes for the back of the human torso assignment

    Prefixes and Suffixes for vocabulary

    Students prepare body posters for presentation

    Vocabulary: Graphic Organizer

    8/18/2018 Necessary Life Functions, Survival Needs  
    Do Now:8.19.15

    Lecture Notes on Homeostasis

    Art Labeling:
    8/19/2018 Complete Human Torso
        Anterior Body Areas
    Posterior Body Areas
    Week 4 8/22/2018 Chapter 1, Anatomical Position, Directional Terms   Lecture notes,  Anatomical position, body planes and anatomical terms.  
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    Complete Questions 1-9 on page 1, Chapter 1  Please use the
    format in answering.
    Join the A&P Textbook Website - A code will be provided to you by the instructor.

    Self Test Quiz: Introduction to the Human Body
    8/24/2018     Lecture Notes

    Organize into groups for poster activity
     Activity: Relative Body Positions 



    8/26/2018 Language of Science   The Language of Science   
    Week 5 8/29/2018 The Human Torso


    Examine the model of the Human Torso and complete the Activity

    One group at a time please examine the Human Torso models displayed in the room.  Since there are two models, two groups can work at a time.  Al others will work on the online activities posted here while waiting for their turn.

    8/31/2018 Chapter 1 computer activities    


    Week 6 9/5/2017 Labor Day Holiday -No School      
    Week 7 9/12/2017    

    9/16/2017 Chapter 1 Test

    Start Chapter 2
      Chapter 1 Test in class

    Chapter Questions 1 - 5
    e-Book Chapter 2 Biochemistry
    Week 8 9/19/2017
    Introduction to Chapter 2- Chemistry Comes Alive

    Notebook Check #2 Begins
    Chapter 2 Part A Vocabulary Graphic Organizer
    Part A - Chapter 2

    Use Online Biology Book as resource along with A&P Text.

    Vocabulary: Flash Cards
    choose chapter 2 Chemistry Comes Alive
    9/20/2017 Essential Elements of the Human Body   Lecture with Activity
    Graphic OrganizerHuman Body - regions and anatomical areas

    Answer Questions 7-14 pg 1
    Due Monday
    - create chart of Essential Elements
    Important Molecules
    9/21/2017 Essential Elements Cont.
    Chemistry of Water Intro
    Work on Chart.

    Essental Compounds and Reactions
    9/22/2017  Chapter 2   Text Question Page 24,  Answer Questions 1-5, 8-10, 13-19, 22  Assignment to be placed in Notebook.  
    9/23/2017 Chemistry in a Bag Lab   Lab Handout- Chemistry in a Bag
    Chemistry in a Bag Lab write-up.
    Complete Lab Handout.
    Click info link.  Information is included in Link.
    New Handout - Chapter 2 Chemistry Part II - Biochemistry

    Online Video Segment Biochemistry
    Week 9 9/26/2017 Report out Chemistry in a Bag Lab   Biochemistry Handout - Chapter Review Additional Info for the Bag Lab
    9/27/2017 CH. 4 Tissues Types      
    9/28/2017 Lecture - Introduction to Tissues

    Epithelial Tissue
      Lecture Notes
    18 Tissue types on 4 x 6 Index Cards.  Draw picture on blank side, information including name, where tissue is found, layers, shape, function, and helpful hints.
    9/29/2017  Connective Tissue   Lecture Notes
    Handout Ch. 4 Tissues
    9/30/2017 CH. 4 Histology   Complete Assignments  


    10/3/2017 Tissue Identification under microscope   Tissue Microscope Lab
    Lab Handout- 10 Tissue types
    e-Book Chapter 4 - Tissues
    10/4/2017  Tissue Identification under microscope (Cont.) Muscle types   Add muscle types into Lab Slides  
    10/5/2017  Tissue Identification under microscope   Add Bone to Lab  
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