Anatomy and Physiology

Quarter 4, 2017

  Date Topic of Study Reading Assignments Tutorial Links
Week 1 3/27/2017 Ch 9. Muscle Physiology


Complete Activities 1 & 2 muscle activity lab online
I will provide the questions separately.


Complete any assignments from last quarter.  They will still be added to your grade for the semester.

Muscle Physiology Lab (9-b)
3/28/2017 Ch 9. Muscle Physiology   Continue working on Muscle Physiology Lab. Muscle Physiology Lab
3/29/2017 Ch 9. Muscle Physiology   Continue working on Muscle Physiology Lab. Muscle Physiology Lab
3/30/2017 Ch 9. Muscle Physiology CH 9 - 289 -309 Lecture

Review Muscle Lab concepts by watching Muscular System: Contraction of Whole Muscle
Muscular System: Contraction of a Whole Muscle
3/31/2017 Ch 9. Muscle Physiology Ch 9 310 - 315 Lecture

Watch segment on Neuromuscular Junctions.

Neuromuscular Junctions

Finish Muscle Physiology Lab Today.  I expect it to be turned in Monday!

Week 2 4/3/2017 Ch 9. Muscle Physiology  

Complete Assignment handed out by teacher then take the Neuromuscular Junction Quiz

Review Sliding Filament Theory then take the Sliding Filament Theory Quiz



Take the Neuromuscular Junction Quiz. (9-c)

Sliding Filament Theory

Take the Sliding Filament Theory Quiz (9-d)





4/7/2017 Nervous System Ch 11 Chapter 11 E-book

Study Guide for Chapter 11
Fundamentals of the Nervous System - Lecture Notes Today
Week 3 4/10/2017  Central Nervous System Brain Dissection      
4/11/2017 Chapter 12
Da Brain...continued
4/12/2017 Chapter 12 Read Chapter 12 Virtual Dissection Lab Brain Dissection Lab Online
4/13/2017 Chapter 12     Brain Dissection Lab Online
4/14/2017 Ch 12



Lab Dissection Nervous System Brain Dissection in Class
Due Monday
Week 4 4/17/2017 Chapter 12 Chapter 12 E-book

Using the textbook review the items in the study guide to prepare for your test on chapter 12

Study guide for Chapter 12.

These assignments are helpful in learning the anatomy of the brain and spinal cord.  Labeling: Lobes of the Brain

Labeling: Midsaggital section of the brain part 1

Labeling: Midsaggital section of the brain part 2

Labeling: The Meninges

Labeling: Anatomy of the Spinal Cord (cross section)

Labeling: Anatomy of the Spinal Cord (3-D view)

memory game: Major Nerves of the Central Nervous System

4/18/2017   Test yourself I will grade the Matching quiz and both multiple choice quizzes.   Ch. 12 Matching Quiz
Ch. 12 Multiple-Choice Quiz (Level I)

Ch. 12 Multiple-Choice Quiz (Level II)

4/19/2017 Central Nervous System  Ch. 13   Dissection Report Due
4/20/2017 Peripheral Nervous System Reading Ch 13 Pgs. 490 - 530

Ch 13 Study Guide
  Web Link on Parkinson's Disease
4/21/2017     Complete any assignments and Links from the nervous system. Memory Game - Central Nervous System

Cranial Nerves

Ch 13 Labeling Quiz

Ch 13 Matching Quiz


Week 5 4/24/2017 Cat Dissection Day 1   Day 1 Cat Dissection Please don't forget to Journal Day 1 Get your Cat

Daily Routine

Intro to Cat Dissection

4/25/2017 Cat Dissection Day 2 Cat's Dissection Lab Review Muscles of the Abdomen

Midsaggital Dissection of the cat abdomen.

Please identify the internal organs visible

Abdominal Muscles - Overview of the Cat. Gross Anatomy.  Abdominal Muscles

Muscles of the cat abdomen 1

Muscles of the cat abdomen 2

Muscles of the cat abdomen 3

Digestive Cavity

4/26/2017 Cat Dissection - Day 3

Digestion and Urogenital

  Separate the intestines by cutting mesentery tissue.   
4/27/2017 Cat's Dissection Lab-  Urogenital   Examine Kidney and urogenital system Links to the UROGENiTAL System of the Cat
4/28/2017 Cat Dissection Lab - Review Day

Cat Dissection - Day 4

  Study for next weeks practical. Dissection review online

Cat Dissection Online  - Learn

Cat Dissection Online - TEST Yourself

Cat Anatomy Tutorial

Muscle Identification Self-test

Week 6 5/1/2017 Cat Dissection - Day 5     Complete Reviews and self tests for Practical no. 1
5/2/2017 Complete Ch 13 Peripheral Nervous System Read this interesting article about the connection between the amygdala and autism.  Online Nervous System Quiz Ch 13 Multiple Choice Quiz 1

Ch 13 Multiple Choice Quiz 2


5/3/2017 Cat Dissection Day 6 - Review     If you feel ready for test, go ahead to Ventral Muscles and start learning them.
5/4/2017 Cat Dissection Day 7- Practical Exam Practical Exam   Practical Test Today
5/5/2017 Cat Dissection Day 8 - Ventral muscles     Ventral Muscles Dissection

Link to resources ventral muscle anatomy

Superficial Muscles of the Chest

Week 7 5/8/2017 Cat Dissection Day 9 - Ventral      

Links from Friday



5/9/2017 Cat Dissection Day 10 -     Cat respiratory system 1

Cat respiratory system 2

Cat respiratory system 3

Cat respiratory system 4

Make-up Cat Dissection Practical I

5/10/2017 Cat Dissection Day 11 - Vessels and Circulatory System    


Circulatory system

5/11/2017 Cat Dissection Day 12 - Heart      
5/12/2017 Cat Dissection

Day 13 Practical Study 

    Cat Dissection Review Link
Week 8 5/15/2017 Cat Dissection Day 14     Study for Practical
5/16/2017 Cat Dissection Day 15   Seniors Final Exam TODAY Cat Practical Pics
5/17/2017 Make-up Day    

All Assignments Due Today -

 Cat Dissection Lab Journal Due

5/18/2017 Cat Dissection Final Practical and exam     No Late Assignments will be accepted.
5/19/2017 Seniors- Final Exam Day

Journals Due

Anatomy Folders Due





Week 9 5/22/2017
Finals 1& 6
5/23/2017 Finals 2 & 5   Graduation Day
5/24/2017 Finals p 4    
5/25/ 2017 No Students Teacher Prep Day  






Memorial Day   Memorial Day Holiday - No School